1st Insurance Leads Sales Mistake

Charging for an Insurance Consultation

What some insurance sales agents might not realize is that all consultations should be free, yet there are some who insist on charging for them. Let face it, most of the insurance leads an insurance sales agent calls are not going to want to make a purchase with out hearing what exactly it is that you have to offer. Most importantly they want to know what it is that makes the company contacting them stand out from the others and how it will benefit them. A free consultation will clearly illustrate what it is they are being offered, and why they want it.

The key point behind an insurance consulting is to recognize and acknowledge a clients specific needs and then offering to meet those needs. An insurance sales agent must interview and analyze the client in order to generate successful selling points for the insurance products and services they have to offer. Insurance sale consultant need to have the ability to adjust a general product or service to fit customers exact needs, desires and expectations.

A perfect example of this concept would be a typical trip to the mall. Approached by a makeup artist, they demonstrate to shoppers all the different options for certain skin types. Different makeups match different skin types better than others. It leaves the shoppers skin glowing. They might not have intended to buy makeup at all but, because of its clearly demonstrated benefits the shopper is feeling happy about the product and ultimately wants more. Those working the makeup counter would say “Gets em' every time”. Even though these demonstrations cost them time and money they are worth it if it means bringing in fresh new customers.

A Sales agents biggest mistake is to lack a deep understanding of the product or service they represent. Consultants are considered to be experts and advisers in their field. Above everything else it is important that insurance sales agents get there facts straight so that when they contact and insurance lead, that potential client has a great first impression. By asking open-ended questions insurance sales agents can get a sense of there prospects purchasing points and adjust there sales pitch accordingly.

A good insurance sales agent should be able to make the right recommendations so that they can take full advantage of there insurance leads and ultimately to improve there businesses sales. One of the easiest ways to do so is by offering a free consultation.

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