2nd Insurance Leads Sales Mistake

Not Contacting Insurance Leads Immediately

Lets say an insurance sales agent receives leads and instead of calling the lead right away, they go on lunch break or start a conversation at the water cooler figuring that they will just call the lead a little later. Unfortunately by the time the lead is contacted it might be too late. The best time to contact an insurance lead is when its hot. By failing to do so the lead is probably given up to another insurance agent.

Faster follow-ups win over slower follow-ups. Timing always wins over those who wait to make the first call. In these challenging times the easiest way to grow is to simply to quickly contact the leads that are already there coming in. So what if it takes five minutes or ten minutes to make first contact. In the end its worth the few extra minutes, whether contact is made or not the general rule of sales still applies, first come first serve.

If initial contact with a potential insurer is not made on the first attempt it is important to be persistent with follow ups. Sales follow-ups are about building relationships. Making sure every sale is followed up 100% is an easy way to make sure a relationship is building.

Those who are more productive and interacting with consumer's will start to see better sales results. Lets look at an example of this. Let's say the consumer is busy ,or simply is not ready to make a decision at the time the insurance agent makes initial contact. As a results they tell the sales agent to follow-up in a week, or month. The days come and go but a follow-up was never made. Whether the sales agent was backed up with other clients, busy doing other things, or just forgot, the sale will be lost. It is important to track and manage reminder's in order to follow-up. Chances are prospects will not get upset when when a scheduled followup is made. What is certain is that a sale can not be made if that follow up isn't.

Some people prefer e-mails, others prefer talking on the phone, and then there's are those that still prefer to use fax machines. Consider all of these when you are making initial contact and also in the follow up process. No matter how insurance leads are contacted and followed up on, the most important factor is how soon they are contacted them and how thoroughly they are followed up on.

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