3rd Insurance Leads Sales Mistake

Lack of Variety in Insurance products

Most customers want variety. The truth is if there is not a wide range of insurance product for prospects to choose from than chances are they will not find the product they are looking for. One of the best ways to avoid making this mistake is by being able to offer a wide range of insurance products. This often requires sales agents to attain extra licenses to sell different types of insurance services.

There is no easier way to loose a sale, than not being able to meet the needs of a perspective insurance policy holder. There are so many people with such a wide range of individual situations. Having a large array of insurance products helps ensure that you can meet there needs.

Lets take a grocery store for example. They are stocked full of a wide range of products. More specifically, lets take a look at milk. Why are there so many choices? Because there are so many different needs. Some people want whole milk because they like the taste, some people want %2, maybe because they are trying to loose weight. And then there are those who are lactose intolerant, they need special soy milk. The point is if the grocery store did not offer all of these choices then they would loose all of those customers.

The same goes for insurance. Lets look at health insurance for example. The policy that is tailored for a 160lbs 6 foot 4 man that works out everyday may not work for a 250lbs diabetic. Obviously not, but the point is made clear, an insurance sales agent should be able to prepare a package for anyone in between, and should be able to do so quickly. We could use similar for car insurance, homeowners insurance, any kind of insurance really.

The point is that to be successful an insurance agent must be prepared for anything. No one ever really knows what specific situation will arise next. The more an insurance agent can compensate and adjust to those situations the more success they will have in there insurance sales. This is why a lack of variety in insurance products is the 3rd mistake featured on our list.

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