5th Insurance Leads Sales Mistake

Talking rather than listening

Insurance sales agents talk a lot, period. When a person accepts a phone call they don't want to be overwhelmed with a sales agent rambling on and on. No, the customer wants to feel like they are in control, as appose to feeling controlled by the sales agent. With that being said it is important to listen to the customers wants and need. In turn a sales agent becomes are better equipped to ask them the most pertinent questions.

Listening can be seen effecting sales because people don't really want to be sold. It is becoming more evident that the more people are pushed the more they pull back. What happens is somewhat of a downward spiral where the more they pull back the more an insurance sales agent tends to try and push. There is no easier way to guarantee the death of a sale.

Really, what potential insurance customers really want is for a sales person to pull out what is most important to them. That being said if an insurance sales agent can really dig deep and find out what is important to them, what is on there mind and what they find to be urgent, then they are well on there way to landing a sale.

How does an insurance sales agent practice good listening? It could be a good idea to ask some questions. At first they should be relatively general so that one can get a good overview of there situation. Like everything else there is a balance and too many general questions can be detrimental to the sale revealing that there has not been enough research done beforehand.

Time is of the essence and it is important to be quick. In this, a sales agent must find out what the potential customer finds challenging in there insurance needs. This can be accomplished easily by simply asking “What do you find most challenging about purchasing insurance?” and then a follow up which narrows the conversation to a particular need an insurance sales agent can address. This makes the potential insurance customer feel significant, and more importantly heard.

From there it is necessary to find out what the potential insurance customer feels they should get by overcoming the challenges they face. If a solution can be presented than more often than not a sale will be completed. If an insurance sales agent spends more time talking than listening, they will never have the opportunity to learn these things, and with out this knowledge they can not address what the customer really wants. If a customers need can not be addressed than there might as well not even be a product offering.

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