7th Insurance Leads Sales Mistake

Arguing with the Customer

If a prospective insurance customer doesn't agree with a certain point of view, arguing it further is probably the worst solution. A better, more constructive approach is to ask the customer why they hold that conception. More often than not this is a great opportunity to learn something. Besides making future clients mad is never as beneficial as leaving them happy.

Many insurance sales agents tend to approach an argument with a potential client by pointing out that it is not there fault but that it is just the insurance agencies policy. This position is never really beneficial and there is room for a more constructive approach to dealing with an argument during a sales call. The first step is to steer the attention away from the fact that there is a confrontation, and towards a solution of some sort . The most important question and insurance sales agent can be asking themselves in this situation is “What can I be doing to help this potential customer feel like I care, how can I make them happy” as a pose to “how can I win this argument”.

Sometimes the potential customer a sales agent is arguing with is wrong. More often than not knowing this fact arms a sales agent with all the ammunition they need to blow the argument out of the water, but first they must ask them selves “Will winning this argument outright earn me a sale, or will I just end up wasting another one of my insurance leads” If the answer is no then the argument it self becomes obsolete because, in the end, it is a loss.

Nine times out of ten a potential customer just needs a better education on the subject or insurance as a whole. Product knowledge, as discussed in a previous article, comes is handy here. In being able to educate the customer on all the aspects of particular insurance products they are better able to see where they might have miss understood.

It is very important that right from the start of any argument a separation between a personal attack and an objective argument is made. The easiest way to ensurer wasting insurance sales leads is by making the customer feel as if they are being attacked personally. A better approach is to make it clear that the discussion taking place is purely in regards to insurance. It is also important for an insurance sales agent to understand that usually an upset customer is not upset at them directly but the insurance agency as a whole. Making an argument personal is not only a good way to loose a sale and waste an insurance lead, it can potentially cost someone there job.

In conclusion if you must argue a point, don't make it an argument, rather a constructive discussion in better educating the customer in the available insurance products. Also remember that it is about the products and not about anyone’s personal interest. Lastly it is important to swallow our pride and take a more humble route. There is no winning in loosing a sale or unnecessarily wasting perfectly good insurance leads.

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