9th Insurance Lead Sales Mistake

Not Being Prepaired

Always be prepared, this is of utmost importance. Insurance leads and perspective insurance clients want to hear from someone they can trust. It is always a good idea to try and gather more information about a customer, finding out what they need and what will most benefit them. Not only should an insurance agent know a good deal about there potential customer, but they should know almost everything about the company they are working for.

In researching a client, there is already a lot of information available to an insurance agent. Most potential clients start out as insurance leads. Most quality leads will include important information about there name, age, sex, race, where they live and past insurance habits. With this information available one can get them selves well prepared by having general ideas about what there potential client may be looking for.

An insurance sales agent should already have there objectives laid out before they even think about picking up the phone. When these objective have been clearly outlined then it is possible to be prepared on how to answer any resulting question. In being prepared with these answers, a sales agent will be seen as professional and trustworthy, and these qualities go a long way in sales.

Another way to get one self prepared is to have an arsenal of supporting evidence and case studies. If a sales agent presents some sort of statistical fact, they better be able to back it up. The best way to do this is to have it available in some sort of tangible form, weather it be some sort of chart, or a number of various testimonials. If and insurance sales agent is unable to produce evidence supporting stated facts, they quickly discredit them self's, potentially wasting a perfectly good insurance leads and ultimately the sale.

It is important to dress well. How do you dress well when calling an insurance lead? It is not really about the physical attire but how your client sees the insurance agency and the agent working for or the individual sales agent them self's. Almost everyone knows how to use Google. It is important to know what they find when a potential client does a search. Knowing the results to such a search, an insurance sales agent can react to resulting questions, dispelling any bad press or expanding on any positive credits thus further ensuring a closed sale!

It is surprising how many sales agents are not as prepared as they should be. Given this fact, it doesn't take much effort to be better prepared and in doing so it does not take much effort to be better than the next sales agent. If an insurance agent is well prepared to engage there insurance leads, they ought to be prepared to make more sales.

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